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Operation 180


In 2011 after experiencing some minor health complications such as shortness of breath and difficulties with digestion, I made a decision to make some changes in my life.  Although shortness of breath and digestion difficulties can be very serious issues, I stated that they were minor because I did not suffer greatly because I responded early.  My early response was to begin exercising regularly, and changing my diet and eating habits.


In 2012, I partnered with a good friend who is a wellness coach and I was introduced to some all natural products that aided me significantly in the process.  The products that my wellness coach suggested were based on my peronal wellness goals and overall health.  The products have helped control food cravings, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, and enhance my mood.  Additionally my wellness coach has recommended meal plans for me to prepare according to my blood type.  


After a little up and down along with way, I have loss 56 pounds.  Since I began using the products by Symmetry, I have not been sick, my breathing is much better, and I have not had any difficulties with digestion.  I invite you to join me in this lifestyle change and jump-start your health today!!! Come along on this fantastic journey to total wellness!


For more information on how you jump-start your health today, click on the link below to and use the contact card at the bottom for more information.  Today is the best day to get the health you've always wanted.


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