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Robert J. Dantzler is a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. He graduated from Claflin University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and South Carolina State University with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in English Education.  Dantzler is an author, a writing coach, an editor, an inspirational speaker, and a mentor.  Of all of these hats that Dantzler wears, he is equally passionate about each because he has the opportunity to serve others through the use of his God-given gifts as well as personal testimonies.  


Dantzler began his writing career in 2014 when he self-published his first book "Grandma's Hand Me Downs," an inspirational tribute to his maternal grandmother who practically raised him.  In his book, Dantzler highlights fifteen sayings that his grandmother would often say to him as he was growing up.  With each saying is a story, a message, a lesson, and a poem.  


Along with being an author, Dantzler utilizes his passion for writing by helping others strengthen their writing abilities by editing different types of written works.  Dantzler discovered his passion for mentoring when he volunteered for several years with a group of young men at his undergraduate alma mater.  He enjoyed sharing with them his experiences as a college student and lessons that he learned in life with hopes of inspiring them to reach their greatest potential.  With sharing those experiences, Dantzler then decided to pursue inspirational and motivational speaking.  He believes that God has given him numerous messages to share with all types of people.


After identifying the things that he is passionate about, Dantzler decided to organize and launch his own business, RJD Empowerment Services.  He believes that the gifts that God has endowed him with will allow him to carry out his assignment and fulfill his purposes of inspiring and sowing seeds.  Dantzler aims to assist others with strengthening their writing abilities, share encouraging words to uplift and empower, and motivate others to discover the greatness within them that will lead to fulfilling their purposes.


Dantzler currently resides in Washington, DC. A few of his hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, and using technology such as social media and text messaging to inspire others. 


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