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Books by Robert J. Dantzler


This page is designated to introduce the books that I have published.  To order a copy, click on the image of the book and you will find purchasing and payment options.  Thank you in advance for your support! God bless!!!

Grandma's Hand Me Downs


This is my first published book, which is self-published.  Grandma's Hand Me Downs is an inspirational tribute to my maternal grandmother who practically raised me.  In this book, I take a look at some of the sayings that she would often speak to me as I was growing up.  With each saying, I discuss what I learned and how each has impacted my growth and maturation from childhood into adulthood.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Grandma's Hand Me Downs will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association. 

What’s In A Day?


My second book is an inspirational and devotional read in which the I encourage readers to look at each day as an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate everything about the life that God has blessed them with. In this book, I urge readers to maximize every moment and view each as a gift from God. Furthermore, my purpose is to inspire, empower, and motivate readers to seek God in order to discover the greatness that resides in them.

KNOW This.....9 Essential Principles To KNOW As YOU Journey Towards YOUR Destiny

This is my third and most recent book in which I am an encouraging readers to learn some important things about themselves as they travel in the direction of their destiny. Being attentive to the principles I have shared here may help bring clarity as to why some things did not work or did not feel right in their lives.  Additionally, this book encourages readers to be comfortable with who they are and do what is necessary to be who they are designed and destined to be.



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