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History of RJD Empowerment Services


RJD Empowerment Services was launched in April of 2014 by founder Robert J. Dantzler.  The idea to create RJD Empowerment Services came during the Fall of 2012 when Mr. Dantzler was unemployed and in the midst of a low season in his life.  After much prayer concerning the direction of his life and career, and asking God to stir up the gifts in him, Mr. Dantzler noticed that people began contacting him to edit papers, assist with writing assignments, and discuss their problems.  All the while, he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "watch what I'm doing."  It was then that Mr. Dantzler realized that he had strayed away from his gifts - writing and editing, speaking, mentoring, and counseling. 


With a new focus, Mr. Dantzler began to plan a way in which he could use his gifts to glorify God, serve people, and support himself financially.  Not only was Mr. Dantzler gifted to write and edit, speak, mentor, and counsel, he was also passionate about doing those things.  Mr. Dantzler continued to seek God for clarity and direction as he wrote his vision for this next phase in his life.  Furthermore, he identified another purpose for his life, which is to inspire (the first being to sow seeds).


RJD Empowerment Services is comprised of three components: Do The Write Thing, Speak To Life, and Build and Birth.  Mr. Dantzler aims to provide excellent and quality services to clients that will empower through inspiration.  Mr. Dantzler desires to help individuals clarify their goals, strive for them, and surpass them.  He also intends to help them strengthen the abilities that they already have, which will further lead to empowerment.


Mr. Dantzler is grateful to God for his gifts, abilities, and passion, and prays that he will be able to impact lives positively for many years to come.


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